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GulfCoast Surgery Center

4947 Clark Road
Sarasota, Florida 34233


Phone: 941-924-9282

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GulfCoast Surgery Center has a spacious waiting area for family and friends.  Located on Clark Road in Sarasota, GulfCoast Surgery Center allows for convenient access to places to dine or shop, or family and friends can enjoy coffee or water, read, or watch television in comfort while waiting for their patient to complete their surgical procedure. 


In our pre-operative area, the patient will consult with their surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurse. 


Each of our five operating rooms are 400 square/feet, as large or larger than ORs in many hospitals.  GulfCoast Surgery Center is a positive pressure environment to keep down the risk of infection.  Thorough patient pre-screening, super-cooled air, reverse osmosis, and bio-filters also contribute to our sterile environment.


After leaving the OR, patients are taken to stage-one recovery where they are joined by family and friends and are given post-operative instructions by the nurse.  Patients continue to regain their strength in stage-two recovery before leaving through our convenient patient pick-up area.


GulfCoast Surgery Center has a U-shaped design, so the patient never passes through the waiting room upon exiting the facility.

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